Top 10 Qualifications Select For Highest Salary

Posted on 21

People are inspired with different careers! Some find excitement in playing with machineries and equipments while other finds happiness in writing down their thoughts. Everyone has a different choice and thus select their career on the basis of their preferences. While some pick a valuable career for benevolent motives despite of the pay, others choose to follow their passion with starting their business or choosing a job that rewards them for their job.

No doubt, your pay scale is a major factor that motivates you to pick a career. An attractive salary is a measure of your expertise in the field. Apart from it, a lucrative salary motivates you to perform well in your job. Thus, nowadays students does a thorough research about different career options, their long term scope and the benefits and perks associated with the career before heading their graduation journey. Also, there are many professionals who want to switch their career at some time either because of work pressure or unhappy with their minimal wages. Switching to a career which proffer high salary is a smart decision.

This article covers the top 10 Qualifications for highest salary:

#1. Medical

Devoted to heal others sufferings! Or have a childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Go for making a career in medical field. A job you can count for a security in good or bad time. Medical is a best rewarding career having great salary with the deep satisfaction of following your passion. The estimated starting salary of medical professionals is $141,402. To pursue a career in medical line, one must have a bachelor degree in any specialized medical field.

#2. Aviation

Have a desire to fly high, then go for a career that actually get you the experience of flying. Aviation is the other highest paying sector. With the growing demand of commutation for business and leisure purpose on daily basis, increases the requirement of professionals in this field. With the vast gateway of opportunities in the field and attractive salary packages, more and more ambitious youngsters are taking up this career. Apart from other benefits and perks, the estimated salary offered in this sector ranging from $60,500 to $124,500. One can opt for career option of Pilot, Cabin Crew, Aeronautical Engineer or ground staff with having a bachelor degree in aviation.

#3. Public relations manager

If you think your words can leave a deep impact on people, then Public Relation can be an excellent career for you. The role of a PR manager involve writing press releases, public speaking, organising events, handling media relations, etc. In short, a PR manager takes care of the public image of the organisations. A career in Public Relation can be lucrative. Graduates can easily draw an estimated salary of  $111,280. To enter into the field of public relation, one must possess a graduate degree in journalism, communication, English, media studies, marketing or business.

#4.Computer programmer

Love to spend time with those strenuous coding problems or gaining knowledge about latest technologies. If you’re one among those loves to crack even the biggest programmatic problems, then you have a bright career ahead in IT industry. With the increasing demand of online and computer technology has excite the requirement of computer programmers in the industry. It is assumed to  be a long-term secure career. The estimated starting salary of computer programmers is $82,240. To pursue in the field of computer programming, you need to have a bachelor degree in IT or computer science.

#5. Architect

If you are good with designing and drawing, then you can take your passion forward as a great career. Architects are the people who possess great sketching and designing skills. To become an architect you need to be good with numeracy skills. Along with that you need to creative and imaginative to add uniqueness in your work. Apart from living your passion, it’s a high rewarded career field. The estimated salary drawn by architects is around $73,344. To become an architect, you have to attain a bachelor degree in architecture.

#6. Engineering 

A career which list on top in high-paying job sectors. Engineering is one of the highest paid degree from times and is expected to be the same in future. Due to the diverse specialization from computer science, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical, Aeronautical and mechanical, graduates can find multiple career opportunity in this field. The average salary earn by an engineering graduate is $70,073. To pursue a career in engineering, you need to have specialized degree in any particular field of engineering.

#7. Sales Professionals

If you think you have the talent to sell even a futile thing or too good in convincing people to agree to your points. Then, there is no other better career field then Sales. The job of sales professionals involve finding new leads and making relationship with the potential clients. The sales professionals are responsible to satisfy customer requirement and resolving their queries. With the diverse array of opportunities, sales professionals are required in almost every industry from IT, real estate, hospitality, etc. The estimated starting salary of sales professionals is nearby  $67,760 . For making a rewarding career in sales, you must have a bachelor degree in business or sales & marketing.

#8. Management

Management is a field which requires a combination of good management and ability to work in team. Thus, if you hold great leadership qualities and ability to solve complex issues, improve business performance and add value to the company, then management consultant can be a great career option for you. Owing a bachelor degree in management can open doors to your management career. And gratefully the starting foot in the field is likely to proffer a good salary. The estimated salary of management consultant is  $67,569.

Apart from this, you should possess great leadership and business management skills. Employers can look for graduates of economics, business, finance, engineering, mathematics due to requirement of great analytical skills which can be gained through these subjects.

#9. Technical Writer

With the growing demand of software, systems and e-commerce sites, the need of technical writer arises. Technical writers are required especially in software and IT industry to write documents or new innovations. Apart from this, new software description, product description, user manuals, journal articles or other technical information required to support. To become a technical writer you must possess good researching skills. The estimated starting salary of technical writer is $54,970. To start your career as technical writer, you must hold bachelor’s degree in English, communication, or related field. Apart from this employers consider professionals with technical background as they have good technical knowledge.

#10. Accountant

Are you the one who calculate large figures effortlessly on fingers or properly plan how to spend your monthly pocket money! Congratulations, you got to have great accounting skills. All you need to polish your skills. Accounting is the other highest paying job in the world. With the in-demand requirement of accountant in every field, the career scope for this career rises. According to National Associations of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the starting average salary of accountant is $50.833.

With a bachelor degree in accounting or finance, you can start a rewarding career as an accountant. Big salaries are reserved for qualified accountants. Though, many graduates opt to attain additional training in this field in the interest of becoming qualified CPAs to draw a considerable amount of income without any graduate degree.